Why You Should Take a Nutrition Course with Shaw Academy

Shaw academy nutrition

Shaw Academy has created a comprehensive collection of online wellbeing courses, including nutrition and sports nutrition, providing the highest standards of online training to help you make the most of your education, development and career. We have been providing globally recognised qualifications to thousands of students since 2012.


The benefits of online nutrition courses include studying in your own environment, at your own pace and in your own time. The live webinars and course material can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, making them accessible and convenient.

Online course training also provides the benefit of being financially accessible; monthly payments are often the easier way to pay for those who want to effectively spread the cost.

All our Shaw Academy Health Courses start with a 16 week diploma providing an internationally recognised certificate on completion and many of our courses include a free trial period to help ensure the course is the right fit.


As with all Shaw Academy certificates, the nutrition course is university-approved, and an internationally recognised certificate is supplied.


● All modules include exams to test your knowledge.
● Learn at your own pace, pause the course or skip lessons.
● Access all courses at no extra cost.
● Get the first month of your nutrition course for free.
● Live educator chat support.
● Lifetime access to all lessons.


Shaw Academy Nutrition Courses


The Shaw Academy Nutrition course will help you develop all the skills necessary to qualify as a nutrition coach. This is a basic overview of the course:


● Form a foundational knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
● Discuss macro and micronutrients in detail
● Understand the role of food and nutrients in health
● Understand the role of food and nutrients in preventing certain diseases
● Integrate critical thinking into evidence-based practice


On the online nutrition course, there are 4 modules that begin with the Diploma, intermediate, advanced and completing with the proficiency module. To ensure the learning experience is an easy to follow layout, the Shaw Academy education team have broken down each module into lessons with an easy to follow structure.


The diploma in nutrition is a university-approved certificate that is recognised by employers, making it ideal for those wishing to expand industry knowledge and develop their careers.


By communicating with our students throughout the course and welcoming feedback via online reviews, Shaw academy is able to ensure we offer the highest level of e-learning experience and adapt our courses in line with the feedback received.


“The personal nutrition course has been great so far. If you are just learning about health, they start off with very basic information, so this is a great place to start.”


“Thank you for a fantastic online platform! I’ve so far done the personal nutrition and is currently working through the advance nutrition course. I’ve also signed up for the child nutrition and the diet and weight loss course.”


At Shaw Academy, we don’t just offer this nutrition course; we also have a Sports Nutrition course that goes into more sports-specific detail about how nutrition can play a part in performance and recovery. We also have a Meal Planning and Food Science course that helps to understand how foods impact the body and how to plan and prepare meals that will nourish and help sustain fitness whilst taking steps to prevent illness.


Shaw Academy nutrition courses have been designed to provide a more accessible service than traditional education providers.


Online study that works for you.


Shaw academy online study courses enable you to work at a time that is convenient to you. Whether you’re a student looking to enhance your existing studies, a parent trying to learn new skills, a working professional wanting to develop their career, or you’re trying to get back into the job market and want to enhance your CV. The flexibility Shaw Academy online learning can work for all people in all circumstances.


Live online training sessions provide the opportunity to communicate with your tutor and ask questions. However, you may not always be able to attend these interactive sessions, so you access the pre-recorded training if you have to miss the live coaching webinar, giving you the freedom to learn at a time that fits into your schedule.


The online course world is your oyster.


Whether you choose to do an online nutrition course or a course in Alternative Therapies at Shaw Academy, you pay one monthly subscription. You then get unlimited access to hundreds of globally recognised courses to learn in your own time and at your own pace. Save money by studying at home, saving money not having to pay course by course, and making more money by enhancing your skills and qualifications.


Unlike many other educators, Shaw Academy’s trainers are employed to work full time, meaning they are dedicated to the students of Shaw Academy online teaching instead of spreading themselves thin working for multiple educators. Shaw Academy trainers are always available to help support students, just like if you were attending a traditional college or university.


We appreciate that online studying may not be for everyone, which is why we provide a 4-week free trial. All you have to do is select the course you would like to try, such as our nutrition course and then get started on the first module. Once you’ve experience Shaw Academy courses, we’re confident you’ll love it and want to continue studying, but there is always total flexibility and no obligation.