Why You Should Learn Photography with Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy photography

“I am a nature photographer and writer and I have a PhD in Marine Biology,” explains Lou Luddington, a former student of Photography and Photoshop at Shaw Academy, “when I learned to Scuba Dive and started my University course in Marine Biology, it wasn’t long before I took my photography underwater.”


At Shaw Academy, we offer education without limitation. We do not believe that people should be unable to pursue further education simply because they already have other commitments. We offer a range of incredibly flexible courses in subjects from Nutrition to Photography and as such, attract a range of different students with different intentions. These vary from picking up a new hobby, looking for a career change or in Lou’s case, building on skills they already have.


“I think it was about three years ago I decided I wanted to improve my photography skills, up my game in terms of the quality of the images I was creating,” she told us, “I started looking online for a course that would help me learn about these things, help me learn about composition and how to use my camera manual so that I could get really creative, and that was when I came across Shaw Academy.”


Whether you are an amateur photographer looking to learn the basics or a pro with a shutter that wants to further their skills, there is a Shaw Academy Photography course for you. “I started off with basic courses at Shaw Academy… and then I progressed to the more advanced photography diploma.”


Thanks to our approach to flexible learning that allows students to take part in well-structured courses curated by professionals at a time that suits them, they have gone on to become excellent photographers. “Shaw Academy helped me improve the quality of my images enormously and I think that’s the main thing really,” agrees Lou, “this has then led on to me being able to sell many of my images as fine art prints.”


If you are considering taking up photography with Shaw Academy, below is a breakdown of what the course entails and what you can expect to learn.

Shaw Academy Photography


The Shaw Academy Photography course will help you develop all the skills necessary to become a professional photographer. Throughout the course you’ll learn:


i. Different lens types
ii. What each camera mode does
iii. How important it is to properly light sets and work with natural light
iv. How you can control the depth of field using apertures and using shutter speeds for dynamic movement
v. Different composition rules and guidelines
vi. How you can develop your own style of photography and bring the most out of your pictures with editing.


We offer 4 different modules in our photography course, which stem from beginner’s photography, intermediate, advanced and proficiency. Each of these modules has been broken down into different lessons using a structure and layout that has been designed by the educators of Shaw Academy, this ensures a streamlined learning experience.


Our online photography course is university approved meaning the qualifications you leave with will be recognised by employers. The skills you pick up will allow you to expand your knowledge and update your resume.


Shaw Academy Photography continues to help a variety of students who go on to apply their skills in different ways. We are able to constantly ensure that we are offering the best possible services to our students because of the use of Shaw Academy Reviews. This allows us to keep track of what students enjoy about the course and what we could potentially change. We are incredibly proud of the reviews that we receive from students both past and present.


“I’m learning so much in the photography course! The lessons are interesting and fun. I love that Will gives visual examples of the concepts and ideas being taught.”


“I am LOVING this Foundation of Photography course! I have a fancy camera and not much of an idea how to use it to take control and to take amazing photos. When I saw the Groupon I was intrigued.”


“I have registered with [Shaw Academy] to do my Photography Course, and I have been nothing but pleased. The information is stunningly laid out and the instructors are clear and very interactive.”


Other Photography Related Subjects


Where the Shaw Academy Photography course goes into a lot of detail and is excellent in helping people hone in on their skills with a camera, we also appreciate what people may want to do with these skills can vary. Students might want to improve the quality of images they upload on social media, are looking for a new career capturing events or would like to explore the more technical side of creating images. That’s okay, as thanks to the range of online courses available to students at Shaw Academy, there will be something for them to help build these skills.


Our other photography courses include:


iPhone & Android Photography


If you want to learn how to take incredibly high-quality images using just your mobile phone, by taking this course you will be given all the tools and information required to make that happen. This includes:


i. Helping you understand the workings of cameras on mobiles phones
ii. Appreciating how and why we use different lenses
iii. The most effective ways you can edit through apps
iv. How to correctly expose images
v. How to improve the composition on your photos


Video Editing and Production


Here you can learn more about how to capture both footage and sound in a way that will set you up to become a master filmmaker. You will earn a professional certification upon completion of this course as well as skills such as:

i. Understanding what techniques people use when capturing footage and looking deeper into different types of video such as films, documentaries and advertisements
ii. Appreciating how important storytelling is and how you can best portray that through video
iii. Advanced lighting and sound capturing techniques
iv. Knowing what equipment you will need to use depending on what outcome you are hoping for with your video
v. The complex art of how you piece everything together in post-production


Wedding Photography


A lot of people who embark on our photography courses hope to end up getting paid for their services. One of the most popular uses of photography is to capture events such as weddings and so we at Shaw Academy have tailored an online course specifically for that. You will learn things such as:

i. How to find the style of photography that suits you best and distinguishes you as a wedding photographer
ii. Understanding the importance of communication and planning, both of which will assist with achieving an accurate portrayal of the happy couple
iii. Practical and technical considerations for the different types of shoot that people may want on their wedding day
iv. What the post-production process is and how you can achieve a professional finish to your images
v. How you can market yourself and build a strong reputation as a wedding photographer


Adobe Lightroom


On the more technical side of photography, Shaw Academy offers online courses on Adobe Lightroom, where you will learn:


i. How you can achieve sharper photographs
ii. The best way to enhance images and edit them
iii. How to edit images in a time effective manner
iv. How to create books containing all of your favourite images
v. How you can capture beautiful panoramas




This is another technical online course in which you will learn from experts of the app all about mastering the fundamentals of Photoshop, picking up the following skills on the way:

i. How to create unique compositions
ii. How you can design different logos and other graphics
iii. Understanding the best ways to master powerful photo enhancements
iv. How you can develop your creative skills and discover all the tools necessary to achieve your vision

Why Should You Learn with Shaw Academy?


There are a number of reasons the services we offer at Shaw Academy supersede those of traditional educators.




At Shaw Academy we encourage you to learn at a time that suits you. There are so many people who do not engage with further education because they have work to do, businesses to run or families to look after. As such, we offer live lessons and would recommend you attend them so you can ask questions as they arise; however, we also appreciate you simply may not be able to. Our lessons are therefore pre-recorded so that even if you miss a live webinar, you can go back and learn at a time that is beneficial to you. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold because you want to learn new skills.




As well as being more flexible, Shaw Academy is also much cheaper than traditional places of education. For a monthly subscription you will be given unlimited access to hundreds of courses, all of which you can learn at your own pace. This is incredibly cost effective in a literal sense but also in the sense that you will not have to pay for commuter’s fees, coffees and lunch, which you would normally have to do when attending traditional educational institutions.


The Quality of Teaching


All of the educators are experts in what they teach. Not only that, they are employed full time with Shaw Academy and only Shaw Academy. This means that they are extremely influential in the lesson plans they create and take the time to structure courses in the most efficient way possible. This also means if you are unable to attend a live lesson, our educators will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have upon watching a pre-recorded webinar.


Four Week Free Trial


Whilst the benefits of studying with Shaw Academy are clear, we are aware that some people may be hesitant to sign up because they are not familiar with online learning. Of course, the flexibility and cost benefits that come with it are great, but maybe you simply learn better with face-to-face contact in a classroom setting? We completely understand these reservations and so offer students a four-week free trial to try out our courses.


During this period you will be able to pick one course and complete its first module. For example, if you were to choose Shaw Academy Photography, you would learn all about:


i. Understanding what you want to shoot
ii. How to take control of your camera
iii. How to view the world through your camera
iv. The basics of composition
v. Shutter Speed
vi. Apertures
vii. Good exposure and how to use light
viii. The manual mode of your camera


All of this will give you an insight into firstly, whether what is being covered on the course is what you want to learn and secondly, whether the flexibility of online learning suits you.