Why You Should Study Graphic Design with Shaw Academy

We at Shaw Academy do education differently. We don’t think that people should have to drop every other commitment and aspect of their life in order to pursue further education. We understand our students will have jobs to do, businesses to run and families to look after, and so the idea of telling them they need to set all of these commitments to one side to commute to educational facilities and attend lessons seems unreasonable.


A lot of people do not end up pursuing further education, simply because they do not have the time. At Shaw Academy our flexible online courses to help people further their education, whether this is for a change of career, to excel in the job they already have or pick up a new hobby, there is something for everyone.


Students will follow a module structure that has been set up by their tutor. The educators at Shaw Academy are employed full time with us and only us, meaning they are heavily involved in putting together these case plans and making them as engaging and entertaining as possible. There are a series of online classes held, which we recommend students attend live so they can ask questions as and when they arise; however, we understand this may not always be a possibility. As such, these lessons are also pre-recorded so students can watch them at whichever time is best. Our educators will always be on hand to answer any questions that students who are watching the recorded sessions have.


By paying a monthly subscription, our students at Shaw Academy will have access to over 100 different courses. These vary and include the likes of:


  • Photography;
  • Nutrition
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Beauty
  • Excel


If you are struggling to choose which course may be right for you, we have devised an online quiz that can help you decide. Of course, some of our online courses are more popular than others and we find one of the most popular is Graphic Design.

Shaw Academy Graphic Design


We offer Graphic Design courses for all levels of student. Whether you want to expand your skills in creatively editing images, animation, custom layout or 3D rendering, our online Graphic Design courses can help. You will come out of these courses with a certificate in Graphic Design which is globally recognised by employers and industry professionals, which will be a bonus if you look for work in the field upon graduation.

On the Shaw Academy Graphic Design courses, you will learn the various elements and principles of design; practical skills in Adobe software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). The design cycle; typography; and how you can create a portfolio of high-quality work and start your own business.


This course is broken up into four different modules, each of which become more detailed and in-depth than the last. Module one is the initial diploma in Graphic Design, module two is intermediate, module three is advanced and module four is for proficiency in Graphic Design.

We at Shaw Academy have continued to offer our students high quality courses because we utilise our site Shaw Academy Reviews to get feedback from students past and present. We are incredibly proud of the feedback we receive from our students.

“I am thoroughly enjoying my Graphic Design Diploma with Shaw Academy. I was looking for a course which was within my budget, flexible and covered all the topics I wanted and so far this course is exceeding my expectations.”
“I think the course gave me more than just the main points to get started with graphic design, the assignments were fun and super useful, but also I learned a lot of the professional life. The setting of the classes is amazing and they know how to keep you focused, I was never bored.”
“I would suggest this to anyone and everyone who is looking to truly grow their knowledge in any field. Mine was marketing and graphic design but I have no doubt that the other courses are just as perfect!”

Shaw Academy Web Design Course


The online Web Design classes that we offer at Shaw Academy will see you on your way to becoming a certified web designer. You will learn how to build amazing websites thanks to proficient training by our experienced educators who will teach you the ins and outs of real-world coding.

On this course you will learn:


– CSS Coding;
– Domain names, KPIs and website layout techniques;
– JavaScript; and
– Bootstrap framework.


Similar to the Shaw Academy Graphic Design course, our online Web Design course is split into different modules, starting at introductory to intermediate, advanced and proficient.

“I just started the advanced Web Design course. I’m so excited! My husband took 3 certificates from Shaw Academy in the past.”
“Introduction to web development from Shaw Academy is a fantastic starting point for anybody that wants to enter into the web design/development arena.”

Shaw Academy Budget Graphic Design


One of the common misconceptions about pursuing a career in Graphic Design is that you need to pay for and have access to a multitude of equipment and software in order to be successful. This is not the case. On this Shaw Academy online course, we teach you Graphic Design on a budget, which will help you with expanding your skills on image editing, animation, 3D rendering and more.


You will learn:


  • How to familiarise yourself with a variety of open-source and affordable software options such as GIMP, Inkscape, Adobe Capture and Canva;
  • How you can enhance and edit photos by using mobile applications;
  • Advanced digital illustration in Affinity Designer;
  • How to create your own infographic resume; and
  • How to create your own portfolio.


These online courses also increase in difficulty over the course of four modules. We are incredibly proud of the positive feedback we have had for our Shaw Academy Budget Graphic Design course.


“This course has helped me gain knowledge and skill in the latest trends of the design industry. The lessons are well explained and easy to understand.”
“Thanks to Kevin for the amazing graphic design courses I’m thoroughly enjoying it and learning new things each lesson.”

Other Online Design Courses with Shaw Academy


Whilst Shaw Academy Graphic Design courses are extremely popular, we also offer numerous other courses that focus on the design industry. These include:


  • Fashion Design


This online Fashion Design course will allow you to develop all of the practical skills you’ll need to be able to successfully turn your ideas into fashion designs.


  • Interior Design


Thanks to the professional Interior Design course that we offer at Shaw Academy, you will be given all the tools and knowledge necessary to create and manage your own design projects and eventually run your own interior design business.


  • Online Photoshop


This professional photoshop course allows students to master the fundamentals of Photoshop. Students will learn basic and advanced skills and will graduate the course as Photoshop pros.


  • Adobe Illustrator


You can learn how to use Adobe Illustrator including typography, infographics, logo design and more, thanks to our online Adobe Illustrator Training Course.


  • Jewellery Design


Thanks to our online Jewellery Design course you will be able to learn how to make your own jewellery. Upon graduation will earn a certificate in jewellery design that is globally recognised.


  • Technical Drawing


You will be able to develop your technical drawing skills with practical training in software programs, including AutoCAD, SketchUp and more on our online Technical Drawing course.

Four Week Free Trial


The benefits of studying with Shaw Academy are clear. Students are entitled to a plethora of courses that can help them with a career change, excel in their current job and even just pick up a new hobby. Students with Shaw Academy can learn at a time that suits them as we hold live webinars that are also pre-recorded in case, they are unable to make the live session.


The course is extremely cost effective too as students get access to all of the courses Shaw Academy offer with one monthly subscription.


Though we are incredibly proud of the services we offer we also accept the fact that people may be hesitant to start learning with Shaw Academy. Whilst the flexibility that comes with online learning is a huge benefit, especially for those with other commitments, online learning is not the traditional method and so people may be reluctant to engage with it due to the risk it may not be for them. We completely understand this and so offer all prospective students a four-week free trial to try our courses.


During this period, students will pick one course and complete its first module. For example, if you were to pick Shaw Academy Graphic Design, you would learn about:


– What is Graphic Design?
– Design Principles and Elements
– Logo Designing and an Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
– Flyer Design with Adobe Illustrator
– Using Photoshop for Photo-Manipulation
– Using Photoshop for Movie Poster Design
– An Introduction to Adobe InDesign
– Brochure Design in InDesign


This will give potential students a clear insight into what is taught on the course, how the course is structured and if they learn in the flexible environment that online learning allows.