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Social Media Review

Understanding the fundamentals of social media is now a requirement for any media job role. It’s impossible to go into marketing or design without learning about social media first.

This is why the Shaw Academy social media marketing course is so popular. So far, the online course has attracted more than 680,000 students.

Online courses are, of course, more popular than ever before. In 2020, the Academy experienced an unprecedented demand for all of its online learning courses.


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Shaw Academy social media marketing course details


You can see a full rundown of the social media marketing course material on the main website here.

Learning how to properly manage social media channels on behalf of clients or brands is a major component of digital marketing today. It’s not possible to make it far in any kind of marketing, advertising or communications job without at least a thorough baseline understanding of social media.

The Shaw Academy social media class consists of four modules spread across 16 weeks of study. This equates to 32 separate lessons presented in live webinars plus assessments. For graduates who complete all four modules, there is a globally recognised social media certification to take forward into their next career move.

Whether your goal is to work for a major PR/advertising agency, or you want to add social media knowledge to your role in mobile app development, there are many uses for this certification.

It’s also useful if you have your own company so that you can build channels to sell your own services or products.


What sort of lessons does the course include?


The first module is an introduction to marketing as a whole, and the subsector of social media channel marketing. This is a real back to basics overview of marketing as a whole, with a high-level overview of the sector.

You’ll learn various strategies, best practices, success stories and budgeting techniques. The teacher then takes you through the different platforms, so that you can learn how each one targets a slightly different demographic. Obviously, there is a world of difference between communications devised for Twitter, for example, compared with Snapchat or Instagram.

Social media involves understanding who uses the platforms, how to disseminate information and get noticed, and how to create the content needed. This content can be in the form of words, videos, TikToks, skits, montages, arty pictures and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Other lessons include opportunities for you to take down summary notes on everything from social media strategy to target demographics, how to optimise social media profiles, how to compile reports and data analysis, social media management, reputation management and social listening.

There are also lessons to cover how to create content, including the different content types out there, how to devise a content strategy and implement it in a way that is engaging the people you need to reach.

Creating a symbiotic channel of communication between the brand (whether that’s your own or the company you’re working for) and the people who will buy the product or service is the main aim of social media management.

You will also have a final assignment that will be reviewed by the teacher at the end of each module. This is vital to keep you on track throughout the course, and ensures that you have absorbed all of the relevant information.

While the webinars are live twice a week, you can also join pre recorded sessions if you can’t make it to the live lessons. They are available 24 hours after the live lesson, which means you’ll never miss out.


Modules 2 to 4 of the social media online course


On completion of the fourth and final module of the social media course, you will be fully proficient in social media marketing.

This will stand you in good stead to find a job in this sphere, market your own brand or company and generally feel far more confident in the strategic implementation of a social media campaign.

The last module in the course covers many of the technical aspects, and more specific strategies for different sized companies. For example, social media for smaller businesses is about identifying the correct audience.

When companies and non profit organisations (NPO) have limited budgets, it’s even more important to find a way to efficiently reach the right demographic.

This module also covers social media as part of an overall SEO strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s important to connect social media with an optimised website.

To cover this, the teacher takes you through learning the social signals for SEO, indexing and social sharing. It also covers backlinks and their role, as well as how to use a variety of tools.

Finally, social media management and its importance is covered. This includes how to use the correct tools to operate a number of platforms as part of a cohesive strategy.

Monitoring and auditing campaigns is also on the syllabus. This is vital to ensure that a social media campaign is doing what it should. Learn how to understand what makes a successful social media strategy and jhow to measure it with the correct metrics.

We always take into account student reviews of all of our courses. And of course this means improving our services in response to constructive criticism, and learning which parts of the courses work well.

Positive reviews for the social media course can be found on our main website, as well as Shaw Academy Reviews. For information on career development you can also check out the Shaw Academy Careers website, dedicated to exploring the kinds of sectors that you can become part of.

Reviews for the social media course include the following:

“The course provided a thorough introduction of the software and how to use the tools. Very clear and concise lessons and tasks.” This reviewer gave the course 4.6 stars out of a possible 5.

Another review states:

“I recently completed the course with Shaw Academy. The course was well paced and informative. The structure was good and it was great to have been able to choose the days and time that I sat the course that suited my week.” 4.6/5

We try to give as much useful information on our websites to help you decide whether a Shaw Academy course is for you. But we know that reviews are very useful too. You can find reviews on many of our courses on our dedicated YouTube channel.

Benefits of studying with Shaw Academy include:

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  • You can earn a recognised certification to improve your CV and therefore your chances of getting the job you really want.
  • When you are on our full membership plan, you can access all the courses at no extra cost to you.
  • You can learn at a pace to suit you, including pausing courses should you need to and catching up with lessons in a way that suits your schedule.
  • All modules include exams so that you can ensure that your knowledge is improving.

And one of the biggest benefits, of course, is that every course is available with one month totally free with no commitment to continue if you don’t want to.

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