Shaw Academy digital marketing course breakdown

We pride ourselves on delivering great education affordably.

We want to make virtual study accessible to everyone at Shaw Academy and help students understand the professional qualifications they can achieve. While some students sign up with the Academy to learn new skills and gain an accredited diploma, most are looking for online study options to improve their career.

If you’re considering a career in marketing and are interested in digital learning, then you can build your career path through our interactive webinar courses.

Learning the skills to improve your future career

Careers in marketing are wide-ranging and the kinds of roles you can land are reflected in the courses we offer.

We offer a wide range of courses in digital marketing subjects. From a dedicated social media marketing course to lessons in marketing strategy and SEO, there is a course suitable for all aspects of the sector.

Breaking down digital marketing courses from Shaw Academy

Head to the main website for full details on all of our marketing course options. Here is a brief rundown of the online lessons we offer, all aimed to increase graduates’ business knowledge and expertise to help them in their career.

All of the class webinars are delivered by professional instructors, who understand the course content and what is needed for graduates to land the marketing role they want.

Expand your knowledge with interactive content

Our courses include:

Digital Marketing course

This covers all of the necessary marketing channels needed for students to understand how the sector works.

From how to create a campaign to how to learn and understand content, this course covers all kinds of digital marketing strategy and tactics.

It’s a popular course and so far we have welcomed more than 470,000 students. Studying online allows for flexibility, which helps students to become familiar with the content.

As with all of the courses on offer, there are interactive webinars over a period of 16 weeks. To achieve the diploma and business knowledge that will help students create a defined career path within digital marketing, we recommend completing all of the hours and modules.

Social Media Marketing course

This course is dedicated to social media, which has become one of the most important channels for this sector.

Learning how to create a social media and SEO strategy is a vital part of understanding online marketing.

It’s another popular course, and we have had a good number of students – more than 340,000 since it launched.

Students learn how to craft a totally new social media strategy, how to use different channels to communicate their campaign and attend lessons social media analysis.

Four modules over 16 weeks are on offer for students to learn how to utilise social media channels as part of this marketing course.

Creative Writing course

Creative writing is a really important skill to learn as part of a digital marketing diploma. All online marketing benefits from excellent writing skills, and making the effort to learn how to write well is a good career move.

While this course is specifically about creative fiction, students who put in the hours will also find it helps a lot with crafting a great digital marketing campaign.

Making that extra effort to build extra skills through writing lessons will go a long way to boosting career prospects within the digital marketing sector.

SEO and Digital Marketing course

To create your working future your way, browse through the digital marketing courses we offer. And if you are looking for a career within marketing, stop when you come to the SEO digital marketing course.

Understanding how to use SEO well can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful digital marketing campaign. We believe that virtual study allows you to create your future your way, delivering the information you need. And it’s no different for all of our digital marketing offerings.

Blogging, Content Marketing & Vlogging

Another viral part of becoming a digital marketing specialist is understanding the importance of these digital marketing approaches.

This is one of the newer digital marketing courses we offer, and so far we have welcomed 4,180 people from all around the world.

In the time that it has been on offer, we have received a number of positive reviews, including many with ratings of at least 4.5 /5. To find out more about reviews of the digital marketing syllabus, head to our dedicated reviews site.

We take reviews very seriously and find that there is a lot of useful feedback that can be accommodated into improving digital marketing information for career development purposes.

Viral marketing course

The dream of any ambitious digital marketeer is to go viral. Here you can learn about how and why digital marketing campaigns go viral and how to devise one that will work.

Great education that is affordable and accessible is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we update our digital marketing subjects to move with the times.

Digital marketing as a sector depends on changing trends and new technology and this is reflected in the viral marketing information on offer.

It includes the foundations of viral marketing, as well as the importance of storytelling, how to write effective newsletters and implement email marketing that works, and covers SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing) and UGC (user generated).

Why study digital marketing with us?

Your future, your way! Browse courses over on our main website, and then head to the Reviews website to find out what people think of them.

Here we cover careers advice and all kinds of information to help you make an informed choice about your future.

Our focus is on making webinars affordably accessibly to everyone and all of the information on the website is copyright 2021 Shaw Academy. We pride ourselves on devising the best online study options available across digital marketing and all other sectors too.

Basic information on Shaw Academy courses

When you are deciding whether to study online with us, it’s always useful to know some of the basics.

The first thing to take advantage of is the first four weeks study being totally free. A limited time offer, the four weeks free means that the first module of any subject can be studied with no cost to you. After the four weeks (28 days exactly), the option is then available to sign up for premium or standard membership.

These memberships then open up access to other modules and everything in our catalogue. The idea is that we want to provide affordable and fully accessible opportunities to develop your career, improve your current position or just expand your skills in these areas.

Virtual education is increasing in popularity all the time. We have certainly seen a significant uptick in the numbers of people who have enrolled to study our digital marketing courses since since the start of the pandemic.

When it comes to creating different options in your career and enhancing your CV, great education affordably, accessibly delivered is a good choice.