Shaw Academy Health and Wellness Course Breakdown

Shaw academy health courses provide online learning in health and wellness for those just starting their careers and those who want to expand their wellbeing knowledge and further develop in the UK fitness and well-being industry.


We cover a range of online course subjects in health and wellness. Whether you have a fascination with forensic psychology or you want to progress your career and develop your skills within Pilates, there’s something for everyone interested in health, wellbeing and fitness.


Discover more about the online training course we offer below.


Nutrition Diploma


Our online nutrition course covers a plethora of training in nutrition, including the foundations of anatomy and physiology. Gain an understanding of nutrition in preventing disease, food and nutrients for health, including micro and macronutrients.


Sports Nutrition Diploma


The sports nutrition health course provides a foundation of anatomy and physiology with a more profound knowledge of nutrition within sports performance. Develop an understanding of how to create specific meal plans for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople.


Meal Planning and Food Science


This e-learning course provides a deeper knowledge of the type of foods we consume, how they impact the body and the best ways to prepare and plan meals for improved well-being — designed for those who want to improve their diet or clients’ diet trainers and health coaches.


Mindfulness and Meditation


This online wellness course is popular with those who wish to improve their own mental wellbeing and those who want to work with clients and help decrease stress, improve mental health and overall wellness. The course includes breathwork practices, knowledge on controlling thoughts and emotions, mindfulness practice, and nurturing beneficial relationships with self and others.


Alternative and Holistic Therapies


This virtual course provides an eclectic understanding of alternative holistic therapies. Gain a deeper knowledge, and the true meaning of what living a wellness lifestyle entails and how the body works. Get an introduction to aromatherapy, reflexology mapping, Ayurvedic healing, meditation, massage, and fitness. This course provides an excellent overview of the most popular holistic therapies available today. It is ideal for anyone interested in holistic wellness or those interested in training in several disciplines to help further their knowledge and career.


Life Coaching


Our online life coaching diploma course is perfect for those who want to use it for personal self-development and want to help others improve all aspects of life. Becoming a certified life coach is a popular choice for many in the health and wellness industry because it equips individuals with invaluable skills for business and life. This virtual course provides the knowledge and understanding to help others assess what is working and the areas which need improvement. Learning the steps to create plans and evoke positive change. Discover how to transform limiting beliefs and negative habits and maximise effectiveness and positive outcomes.


Early Childhood Development


The early childhood online learning course is perfect for those interested in this field as a career or who want to add more skills to their existing qualifications. This virtual course will provide an understanding of childhood development milestones, caring for baby and handling skills, identifying childhood development challenges, and creating a positive daily routine for healthy development.


Fitness Instruction


Our online fitness certification course will enable those who wish to develop knowledge and skills in fitness instruction personally or professionally. The online learning course will provide an understanding of the different types of exercise available, injury prevention and recovery methods, and the impact that weight gain and loss have on the body. Discover how to set and track goals, motivate and develop a fitness mindset and how exercise impacts different ages and conditions. This course also includes nutrition and meal planning.




The Shaw Academy e-learning Psychology course helps those wishing to understand the mind and behaviour of humans. The course will provide the basic skills to understand cognitive processes, how the brain and nervous system connect, and how to recognise disorders of the mind.


Anatomy and Physiology Diploma


The online anatomy and physiology course introduces the fascinating subject of the human body and how it works. Learn about the circulatory systems, the digestive system, the energy systems and how they all link and play a part in sustaining life.




This online training course is ideal for those interested in taking their Pilates experience and developing more knowledge around the art of this great core strengthening exercise system. Learn the history and the founding principles of Pilates and how it benefits and influences the body. Learn how to perform the exercises with the correct postures and alignment using assessment and correction techniques. Discover how a Pilates teacher creates and carries out a Pilates class.


Yoga Certification


Our online yoga course helps those interested in developing their yoga practice further and becoming qualified in the basics of this ancient wellbeing practice. Learn the history of Yoga and the basic asanas to warm up the body. Discover the varying types of yoga and how they differ. Understand the movements and how alignment and posture are crucial for good practice. Gain knowledge of the body systems and how to incorporate the breath into the practice. Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to increase the benefits of the practice further.


Forensic Psychology


Our online diploma in forensic psychology course is brimming with gripping information on what methods and principles are used in this field. Learn how to analyse data on crime, those who commit it and how that impacts their victims. Discover criminal behaviour and how to profile criminals: understanding mental illness and the connection to those who commit a crime. Study the psychological theories of crime and the ethical concerns.


Childcare Training


Our online learning course for childcare is perfect for those wanting to expand their knowledge either for self-development or progressing their career as a CPD qualification. This course provides advanced knowledge of child development from birth and up to 4 years. Learn to identify the different development stages as children age and their potential implications over time.  Discover how to stimulate senses mental development through play sessions and activities for other age groups. Discover how to adapt play sessions to adjust for each child’s individual needs and provide optimal stimulation.


Discover which Shaw Academy health and wellness course is right for you and see where your online training can take you.