Could now be a good time to consider a career in the beauty industry?

Shaw Academy reviews the beauty industry

Could now be a good time to consider a career in the beauty industry?

Many industries have been hard hit by COVID-19, but it’s been particularly harsh for retail, hospitality and the beauty sector.

Beauty in this context covers everything from skincare to personal care, hair care and makeup. And, of course, it’s been a year of lockdowns followed by a few weeks of semi-normal custom and then back into lockdown for the beauty industry.

It’s a really difficult balance for those making decisions that impact the beauty industry. At a global level the sector generates around £350 billion a year. It employs millions of people. But things are finally looking up, with vaccination programmes kicking in and lockdowns beginning to plan for loosening of restrictions.

When’s the best time to launch a career in the beauty industry?

In the short-term, the industry will reel from the loss in business, but it absolutely will recover. Health and beauty is one of the most resilient sectors in the world. If we go back to the global financial crisis of 2008, spending in the sector dropped very slightly before returning to normal by 2010. There’s not much that can break an industry that involves making people feel and look good.

COVID-19’s economic destruction and impact on retailers and brands will end up being far more than a recession, the beauty industry will remain resilient. In the short term, consumers may be spending less but as soon as salons and beauty treatment clinics open for business this will change.

According to McKinsey, global beauty revenue fell by around 20 to 30% by the end of 2020. Online sales are up around 30% compared with 2019 for major beauty brands, while in-store purchases from essential retailers are generally down. UK consumers say that they intend to spend around 50% less on beauty during the pandemic.

While there has been a decline in makeup and perfume sales, statistics show that there has been a surge in hair care, skin care and bath and body products. This shows that the appetite for the sector is very much out there still, and points towards a comfortable trade for the industry when stores, salons and clinics are reopened on a permanent basis.

Why the beauty industry is traditionally extremely resilient to economic shock

Even with all of the challenges faced by the beauty industry since the pandemic began, the sector is in a stronger position than so many others. COVID-19 will accelerate trends that were already growing before the crisis, with consumers still wanting self-care and a way to make themselves feel and look good.

And all of this is why becoming a beauty professional is an excellent career move. It’s a career in the beauty industry is a path that will ensure you always have skills that are wanted by customers. As it’s a flexible industry, you can decide whether to set up your own beauty business as a sole trader or join a salon to learn more on the job.

When you have the right beauty qualifications and skills, there are so many options. You could end up working in a hotel beauty salon, on a cruise ship, in your local beauty clinic, as a wellness professional. You will never stop learning as techniques and trends emerge, and you’ll be able to forge a career that ensures a future.

Training to be a beauty therapist does take time and it does cost. Depending on your circumstances, you may be in a position to head to college full time. When you study at a college, you will generally also have the opportunity to join a salon for a day a week. This is a great way to truly experience what it’s like working as a beauty therapist and help you to hone your skills.

However, this isn’t the only way to get where you want to go. Shaw Academy has been running online courses taught by our very own educators since 2013. We know that study must be flexible for some people. You can fit our online learning around other work, family or responsibilities. And the first four weeks of any online course with us absolutely free. This means you can complete the first module of any beauty course to find out whether it’s truly for you.

Shaw Academy online beauty courses to start your career in the beauty industry 

Here are some of the online learning beauty courses offered by Shaw Academy:

This course is available to study online with the first module free of charge. It will give you the basic understanding of skin and skincare, from the basics to advanced knowledge. You will understand how to select and use the best products for different skin needs, how to prep the skin, how to apply professional grade makeup, the difference between skin types, sun care for skin and how to enhance lashes and brows.

When you complete the first module, you can move on to the Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency courses in beauty. By the end of all four modules, you’ll have a professional level knowledge of skin disorders, conditions and structure. You will have makeup techniques under your belt and will understand how to help clients with hormonal skin problems, acne and much more.

You’ll also have learned facial massage, advanced facial electrical treatments, body wraps and massage, hair removal, the basics of manicure and pedicure and how to get started in the beauty business.

This covers more in-depth study of advanced hair removal techniques, advanced makeup skills, nail art and how to apply acrylics, nail tips and gel nails. It also covers complementary beauty treatments including reflexology and aromatherapy massage techniques.

Expect to learn the fundamentals of advanced skincare and how to understand the composition of skincare products. As with all Shaw Academy courses the schedule is flexible, the first four weeks are free and you end up with a globally accredited certificate.

While this is still a beauty course, a different aspect of the sector. It teaches how to develop consulting and business skills, how to analyse clients and help them choose colours and styles, corporate styling and personal shopping and how to carry out a makeover to a professional level.

If your future career plans involve working for yourself with high end clients to create the image they want, then this course will give your career in the beauty industry a great starting point.