Learn the right marketing skills for today’s market

Marketing encompasses so many creative and strategic skills. The sector is always in flux, with new trends taking shape all the time. These are usually based on new technology, which opens up more channels for advertising, PR and marketing.

A successful marketer will understand that the job demands strategic thinking, excellent client skills, an ability to learn fast, empathy, creativity and tech skills. This is why accomplished marketing experts never stop learning.

What marketing skills do you need to acquire for your career?

Most businesses across most sectors need elements of advertising, PR and marketing to succeed. Whether you have plans to join the marketing department of an organisation, work for an advertising or PR agency or go solo as a freelance copywriter, the marketing skills needed are broadly the same.

Marketing professionals help their clients connect with their audiences, which are usually external but can also be internal. They promote brands, find creative ways to communicate about products and send expertly crafted messages using a range of strategic techniques.

Think of marketing itself as the overall process, with PR and advertising and even internal communications as separate internal components. Here are just some of the areas you could work in:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Brand management.
  • Communications and public relations (PR).
  • Content marketing.
  • Database analysis and management.
  • Display advertising.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Mobile marketing.


Do you need to get a degree in marketing?

Acquiring the skills needed for a marketing career involves finding a course that suits. While some school leavers get an internship in the marketing department of a company or with an agency, employers tend to gravitate towards candidates that can clearly demonstrate the necessary skills.

This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a degree in marketing or any of the associated subjects. Savvy employers seek out specific attributes, attitudes, skills and work experience. Studying a marketing course that requires excellent communication skills and a creative approach will give you the skills that appeal to employers within marketing. These days, it’s essential to also have the digital skills.

Online marketing courses with Shaw Academy give you the flexibility to slot them in around work experience or complete as soon as possible. Remember that marketing companies and agencies are always looking for people who have the most up-to-date and relevant tech skills. This means getting a handle on everything from website data analytics to search engine optimisation (SEO), creating and making videos, using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality and much more.

Essential marketing skills you definitely need
Before we look at the Shaw Academy marketing courses available, here are some essential marketing skills that you will definitely need to forge a career in this sector.

1.    Effective communication

Every part of the marketing process and skills you’ll learn is geared around communication. Successful marketing professionals can all communicate not only clearly, but persuasively and skilfully. The messages you craft when you’re marketing a brand or company must be perfectly honed.

They can’t be unclear, muddled or confusing. Learning the level of communication skills needed in marketing is part study and part experience. Taking the right kind of marketing course will set you on your way. Remember that even the best marketing professionals took a while to get this right. Truly understanding what makes communication work in this context means getting under the skin of what doesn’t work. It’s a journey that every creative is on.

2.    High-level writing skills

Whichever aspect of marketing you specialise in, you will be writing. This could include writing advertorials for print magazines, optimised content for web copy, briefs for creatives, social media plans for a brand, e-commerce product copy, leaflet copy, advertising slogans… the list never ends.

Writing to this level is a real skill. You want to be sure that when someone comes across your copy, they should feel persuaded to take action – whether that’s to try a product or follow a business on social media. Any brand engagement starts with writing.

3.    Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing may not be complex to learn, it takes time to learn how to use it effectively. SEM changes all the time, and building a solid foundation of understanding gives you the best chance of evolving with it.

4.    Understanding web content

Over the years, website content has become far more complex and diverse. It’s now a skill base al of its own. Web content isn’t just about the copy on a page, but all kinds of other content. This means everything from blogs to social media channels, infographics to podcasts and promotional videos to Twitch streams. Effective marketers know all the tricks of effective and successful web content and aren’t afraid to be creative and bold.

  1. Using social media effectively

These days social media is linked to every move a marketer makes, whether working for a huge brand or a small business. The chances are the main target demographic for most marketers is part of one of the major social media platforms, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or newly emerging channels.

This means it’s vital for marketers to understand how to use social media channels, platforms and tools of all kinds.

Learn the marketing skills you need with Shaw Academy online courses

At Shaw Academy we offer six marketing courses. They are:

  • Digital marketing – One of the most popular courses according to Shaw Academy reviews, this covers the different marketing channels and strategies needed, how to apply the skills you’ve learned and how to create a strategy based on a brand’s needs.
  • Social media marketing – Teaching how to build and launch a social media strategy that works, including analysis.
  • Creative writing – This certified writing course teaches how to enhance existing writing skills and learn how to write for publications of all kinds.
  • SEO and digital marketing Fundamentals – Key skills needed to understanding SEO and digital marketing and how to apply this knowledge into an overall strategy.
  • Blogging, content marketing and vlogging 101 – Learn the skills necessary to become a professional level marketer, including content marketing and how to blog well.
  • Viral marketing – Learn what goes into a successful viral marketing campaign and create content that’s guaranteed to go viral.

Browse the whole course catalogue for other online learning courses that cover creative skills. You get the first four weeks of any of our courses absolutely free, so it’s always worth trying the first module of a course that you think could take your career further.