About Shaw Academy

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At Shaw Academy, we offer more than 100 courses available for online study. Our students include all kinds of people from different walks of life. Particularly useful for those looking to move into a new career or improve the chances of landing a job, our courses also cater for casual study.

What does Shaw Academy offer virtual students?

Studying with Shaw Academy offers all the benefits of higher education without the need for commuting or sticking to a rigid timetable. All of the virtual courses are available through twice-weekly live webinars led by our exclusive educators.

The lessons are also available to watch at your convenience. That’s the beauty of online learning – the flexibility to fit it around other commitments. Our courses cover a wide variety of subjects across the following main categories:

Aimed at students who want to boost their career or start a business, the courses are packed full of a mix of academic and practical information. Crafted by Shaw Academy educators to be useful in the real world, this mix of academic and theoretical ensures students get the most from the modules.

How long has Shaw Academy been offering online education?

We launched in 2012 with just one course available and around 700 students. Since then, we have enrolled millions of students from around the world. To ensure our platform is as accessible as possible, all new students can try it for four weeks absolutely free.

Four weeks is the time it takes to worth through the first module of any one of the courses available in our catalogue. When you’ve completed Module 1 of your chosen course, you’ll then have the option to subscribe and continue your online education.

If you choose to continue, you then get access to all of our courses for one monthly subscription. There’s no limit to the number of courses you can study at the same time, so it really does open up a world of opportunity. And if you decide it’s not for you after the first four weeks, then there’s no commitment to carry on.

On our main website (shawacademy.com) you’ll find details of each course, including exactly what’s covered in each lesson and module. We also include many Shaw Academy reviews from students past and present to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Advice and information

Shaw Academy Careers is part of our free online offering for students. We know that many people study online to either further their current career or to break into a new sector. Whatever your personal circumstances, we provide plenty of career advice, information, resources and assistance.

From reviewing various sectors to find out their current status to advising on study aids, resources and technology, there’s plenty to discover. Our course leaders and educators don’t work for any other learning institution, ensuring that they have a clear focus on the progress of Shaw Academy students only.