A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Online Courses You Can Do with Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy Courses

Shaw Academy offers its students learning without limitation. One of the main things that stop people from pursuing further education is other aspects of life getting in the way. People have jobs to do, businesses to run and families to look after and as a result, they don’t have the luxury of being able to drop everything so they can commute to and attend multiple lessons every week.

We at Shaw Academy believe that everyone who wants to pursue further education should be entitled to do so, hence why we offer our students flexible online learning with experienced tutors for a reasonable price.

By paying a monthly subscription, students of Shaw Academy can participate in over one hundred different courses which vary from Photography to Nutrition to Creative Writing. We encourage our students to take part in multiple courses as we find people are surprised by what they stumble upon when they open their mind to learning things they wouldn’t normally learn.

Students come to Shaw Academy for a number of different reasons, be it because they are looking for a change of career, intend on excelling in their current one, are looking for a new hobby or want something interesting to take them out of their comfort zone. If you think you would like to engage in further education but are unsure what course would be right for you, we have developed a free online quiz that can help you decide. All of our courses are very well received, with some being more popular than others; however, we find that because of our wide selection, there is something for everyone.

Shaw Academy Courses

At Shaw Academy we offer over one hundred different online courses. These can be specific areas of photography, marketing, writing, or a plethora of different hobbies that people may wish to pick up. The general categories of Shaw Academy Courses are:


No matter what your skills are, whether you are a complete amateur starting out or already a pro with a lens and shutter, we have an online photography course for you. We can help you appreciate the art of photography and what goes into capturing the perfect photograph, as well as enhancing any skills you currently have.

You will learn about the specifics of what effects you should apply to photos and master fully manual mode, as well as understanding how to use your lenses correctly. Ensure you have perfect exposures with every photo you take by learning from the experienced Photographers at Shaw Academy.


Thanks to the professional marketing courses that Shaw Academy offer, you will be able to learn the necessary skills that will help you promote your business. From Social Media Management to Creative Writing to producing SEO Optimised Copy, you will begin to understand all about different marketing channels, tactics and how you can apply these to your business.


If you want to purse design as a new career path, already work in design and want to get a foot ahead or simply want to take it up as a hobby, our online design classes will be able to help. You will receive a recognised diploma in a wide range of professional courses, which vary from interior design to graphic.

All of these classes are taught by experts with experience in the industry who will provide you with well-structured and engaging lessons that you can watch live or pre-recorded, giving you the freedom to learn everything at your own pace.

Business Analytics

Thanks to the huge range of online business courses that we offer at Shaw Academy, we will be able to help you in obtaining the necessary skills you need to succeed in the corporate world. Upon completion of your course, you will receive globally recognised certifications in subjects such as data analytics and project management, all of which will help you secure your dream job or start your own business.


Navigating the financial world, whether you are looking into various stocks and shares online with the hope of making of profit or simply want to keep on top of new trends in the market, can be extremely difficult. With our online professional finance courses, we will be able to teach you how to break down different facts and figures, whilst gaining the knowledge you need to profit from trading and digital currency.

Health Wellness

These courses can be beneficial on multiple levels. There is always something new we can learn about our health and that information is available on our online health and wellness courses. You can look deeper into the science behind fitness, nutrition, cooking and mindfulness, all with the flexibility that allows you to practice what you’re being taught and witness the positive effects first-hand.

The lessons are incredibly engaging and filled with information, so they’re great not just for those wanting to benefit their own life but benefit the lives of others as well. Many of our students go on to teach fitness, health and wellbeing to others in both professional and personal settings.


As technology continues its charge on dominating most aspects of our lives, staying on top of this constantly evolving market can be incredibly difficult. Using our online classes, you can learn about new forms of communication, trends on social media and generally how you can keep track of something that refuses to stay still.

Art and Hobbies

These courses can be for fun if you want to pick up a new craft but also if you’re interested in pursuing a career that allows you to explore your creative side. Whether it’s knitting, painting or creative writing, our online courses with allow to explore the arts and really unleash your creativity.


Would you like to learn tricks and tips about beauty and eventually open your own business? Alternatively, would you simply like to learn some more information on how to perform make up and body treatments to a professional standard? You’ll be able to do either thanks to our online beauty and cosmetics courses.


If you are a performer and want to improve, whether that means enhancing what you already do or learning a new instrument to accompany it, there are Shaw Academy Courses available to help. Thanks to our online music lessons, you will be able to learn practical skills as well as explore the inspiration behind different sounds, music theory and sound engineering.


In business terms, English is widely recognised as a global language. This means that regardless of your intentions when it comes to what company you would like to work for or what business you would like to go into, having a grasp on the English language is essential.

Using Shaw Academy’s online English course, students will be able to learn communication skills, presentation skills, reading and writing in English.

Popular Online Courses

The beauty of studying with Shaw Academy is that with your monthly subscription you will have access to all of the classes that we offer. This means you can mix and match your choices depending on what your intentions are. For instance, if you would like to start your own salon then you could take Beauty and Marketing courses, so you’ll learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry, alongside the best way to showcase your new-found knowledge.

We love that students feel confident enough with Shaw Academy’s Courses to continue to push themselves and learn things that they wouldn’t normally learn. Those who enter the Academy with the intention of studying Accountancy will end up also taking on Tarot Card Reading and Painting, not necessarily because they believe they will use these skills in their professional life, but more so because they have the freedom and flexibility to learn subjects that weren’t available to them before.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular online courses that Shaw Academy offer:


We have already briefly discussed photography in this post; however, it is worth knowing the course does not simply start and stop at learning how to take and develop high quality photographs. Shaw Academy’s photography classes are split up into subsections so you can study different types of photography in detail, these include:

i. Photography
ii. iPhone & Android Photography
iii. Video Editing and Production
iv. Wedding Photography
v. Adobe Lightroom
vi. Online Photoshop

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of Shaw Academy’s most popular courses. Here you will be able to expand your creative skills in image editing, customising layouts, animation, and 3D rendering. You will also earn a globally recognised certificate upon graduation.


Shaw Academy offer online courses in both human nutrition and sport nutrition.

Human Nutrition allows to you understand the human anatomy and physiology, whilst learning about macro and micronutrients and the affect that they have on us. You will also learn the role different food groups play when it comes to eating a balanced diet, what we should eat to remain healthy and how to incorporate your new knowledge into everyday practice.

Sport Nutrition will allow you to master the basics of energy metabolism and other complex principles. You will also learn about the most efficient ways different athletes fuel their bodies.

Social Media Marketing

If you are a business owner then this is the course for you. With more and more business now being conducted online and a large majority of consumers spending their time on social media, knowing how to market yourself on these platforms is vitally important. Using this Shaw Academy Course, you will learn how to build and launch a social media marketing strategy for your business, as well as how you can use analytics to understand your reach and what you can do to improve it.


The marketing services we offer expand further than just the realms of social media. Using Shaw Academy, our students can take part in multiple marketing courses, which include:

i. Digital Marketing
ii. Social Media Marketing
iii. Creative Writing
iv. SEO & Digital Marketing
v. Blogging, Content Marketing & Vlogging
vi. Viral Marketing


Project Management

If you intend on running your own business or wish to apply the skills you have learnt with Shaw Academy Courses to excel in the work you already do, you may want to think about how you are going to be able to manage a team of people and the projects you undertake in the future. Using our online project management courses, you will gain the skills needed to manage projects from beginning to end and earn yourself official certification as a result.

Leadership and Management

The same applies here. If you intend on using your skills with Shaw Academy to eventually run a team of people, you will need to know the most effective way of doing this. Develop your leadership style with our online leadership and management courses.


Using our online beauty courses, you will be able to learn the tricks of the trade from experienced educators, as well as:

i. Beauty Therapy
ii. Makeup, Nails & Beauty
iii. Image Consultancy


Microsoft excel is something that everybody will use at some point in their professional career and so it is incredibly important that you have an understanding of how it works. Using our MS Excel Online Training Course, you can learn how to use different functions to create dynamic formulas and generate datasets and visualisations.

Free Trial

Whilst the range of courses Shaw Academy offer are apparent, we understand you may still have reservations before subscribing, namely because of the fact that where the flexibility that comes with online learning is clear, it is still not a traditional way to learn, so how can you be sure it will work for you?

To help with this, we offer prospective students a four-week free trial where you can complete the first module of any lesson that you choose. This gives insight into whether the structure that Shaw Academy Courses provide and the way you’ll learn from these courses suits you.

We encourage all of our students to learn in a way which is comfortable for them. Our aim is to spur on those who want to further their education, not quash their desire to do so because they are unable to completely change the structure of their lives to study. Thanks to the flexibility we offer and the fact students can try a free course to ensure Shaw Academy is for them, we are confident students will be able to benefit from the range of online courses that we offer.