5 steps to take if you want to become a social media manager – from Shaw Academy Careers

5 steps to take if you want to become a social media manager – from Shaw Academy Careers

5 steps to take if you want to become a social media manager – from Shaw Academy Careers

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On to this blog’s advice – how to become a social media manager. It’s a fast-growing sector whether you want to find a job working for a big company or you intend to go it alone as a freelancer. Most companies of all sizes and across all sectors now realise they need a working social media strategy and presence. It’s become much more than a ‘nice to have’ option for a business that intends to engage with its customer-base in a useful way.

Learn how to become a social media manager for a creative career
So, wherever you live in the world, it’s accurate to say that social media skills are in high demand. The salary range in the UK ranges between £19,000 and £60,000, and the average is around £30,000. This does depend on your skill level and experience, of course. But with an online learning course, you can make sure you get these skills in the most convenient and effective way for you to develop your career in this sphere.

Skills you’ll need to learn and understand include a variety of technical and creative skills, as well as a core understanding of marketing and the psychology of consumers. This goes much further than making a TikTok video or putting a filter on your Instagram selfies.

Social media management is a highly important part of today’s marketing mix and can make or break a small business or new venture. To be an effective social media manager you need to acquire a mix of skills, including emotional, intelligent, tech-savvy, flexibility, empathy and an in-depth knowledge of your chosen sector. You will be posting on behalf of brands and companies that rely on you to quickly grasp their entire marketing strategy and provide measurable value.

Have a look at the Shaw Academy course here. Remember that you can complete the first module for free and see whether it works for you. In the meantime, here are some steps you should take if you’re serious about developing a career in social media management.

5 steps to take on your journey towards becoming a social media manager

  1. Get up close and personal with social media platforms

Having a basic knowledge of social media channels isn’t enough for a role as a social media manager. Instead, you need to really understand them. This means how they work, how to get the most out of each platform, how to build the following you need and what kind of content works best.

Obviously, the same content doesn’t work across every platform in the same way. So, spend time familiarising yourself with platforms and the content they use. Find out what works best, whether it’s text, video, images or a mix. Businesses and employers will want to see immediately that you can give them the kind of verifiable results across different platforms.

  1. Practice and improve your writing skills

Writing is a core component of social media management. As a social media manager, you will be a communicator and you will work mostly with visual and written content.

Learning how to create engaging and well-targeted copy is one of the most important aspects of running social media platforms. Effective content marketing assist a brand or company in providing valuable, measurable information for consumers. It will link the brand with consumers and build customer retention.

You’ll need to understanding blogging, different writing styles, copywriting, sub-editing, how to navigate tone and voice and how to effectively research content formats. This skill is absolutely key for your success in this sector. Consumers want to be engaged in a way that makes them feel recognised.

  1. Learn about the broad marketing mix

The overall goals of social media marketing are about much more than your Instagram feed. Social media management links email and content marketing, customer service, sales and traditional marketing too. You’ll have to be able to demonstrate how your strategy will ft into the wider marketing goals for the business. This includes the need to understand lead generation, search engine optimisation (SEO), metrics and analytics too.

Content marketing is a part of this mix, and you need to understand how to create and use content across all kinds of different channels. Learning how to tie into the brand’s whole marketing strategy will hugely boost your credibility with interviewers, potential clients or job opportunities.

  1. Learn about social media marketing with an online education course

Taking an accredited course in social media marketing can help you land a job. You don’t need a formal degree but ensuring that you obtain a respected diploma will definitely help you along the way. Online courses at Shaw Academy are ideal whether you have a grounding degree or not, as they cover all the latest and most up-to-date teaching.

Basically, employers want to see that you have a real, useful, working knowledge and understanding of social media strategy. They want to see that you know how to make a brand stand out on social media and optimise its presence.

  1. Construct an online portfolio for interviews

Employers need to see evidence that you know what you’re doing. Being able to present them with online samples of your work is a great way to do this. Build your portfolio carefully and showcase anything relevant, from blogs you’ve written to social media channels and posts that have been successful. You can include projects from any education course you’ve taken too.

If you’re serious about becoming a social media manager, check out the Shaw Academy courses here. You can also find out what graduates and students think from our dedicated Shaw Academy reviews site.